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We want to be transparent about what we do with your data. This page will give you more information about the way we use cookies. For more information on how we use your data, please review our privacy statement.

About cookies

Cookies are tiny bits of information stored on your computer, which our site and your browser exchange while you browse through our site. This information is stored for a certain period of time, even when you close your browser. We use functional cookies which enable the site to identify the session information like shipping cart contents, username (once you have logged on), etc. They are necessary for our site to operate.  Also we have analytical cookies, which help us track the way you use the site and how you found us. These cookies help us improve our services.

I don't want cookies from you, what do I do?

The functional cookies are required for our site to operate. Without them, it is impossible to order from us trough the site. If you don't want the analytical cookies, check the documentation of you web browser on how to disable these. In most browsers when you use an incognito/private tab, your browser will automatically reject these cookies.

What cookies are in the jar?

The following list identifies the cookies we use. You can check these in your browser.

frontsid - This is a functional cookie which identifies your session, without it the site will not work properly.
language - Functional cookie which store the current language for your session.
has_seen_cookie_wall - Functional cookie that stores if you were informed about the cookies we use.
_gid - Analytical cookie from Google Analytics, used to identify users
_ga - Analytical cookie from Google Analytics, used to identify users
_gat - Used to throttle request rate.
_msuuid - Analytical cookie from Marin to improve our our advertisements and product exposure based on anonymous statical information.

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