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Discover our electronics section, dedicated to all electronics and components for your 3D printer and CNC machine. Our large assortment is ideal for a DIY 3D printer project and allows many upgrade possibilities, neat add-ons, and more!

Stepper motors

We have a great assortment of stepper motors for both 3D printers as well as CNC machines. Most printers use NEMA17 motors, where most importantly you have to select the torque. Except for the NEMA23 steppers all our normal Pololu style stepper drivers will work fine. For the NEMA23 stepper motors we recommend using a SDTB6600 or SL2690A.

Controller boards

Discover controller boards by RepRapWorld. A control board has been often referred to as the heart or the backbone of a machine. This is where everything connects and all components lead back to the motherboard. View our selection of premium mainboards for smooth operations.

Small components

Easily find electronic components for your 3D printer. In our large assortment, you can come across a range of options and solutions for your 3D printer and CNC machine. View the electronic components useful for part replacement and upgrades.

Fans and cooling

Cables and wiring

Everything for connecting the electronics in your 3D printer together. This section includes pre-crimped wiring, wiring per meter, connectors and cable binding. Check out the different subcategories to find their specific contents.


Electronics for 3D printers and CNC machines

Have your 3D printer or CNC machine run smoothly and efficiently with the electronics from RepRapWorld. We offer a myriad of electronic components and solutions for all applications. Electronic components give life to the mechanical parts of your 3D printer. Parts like the drive gears are electronically controlled to push filament through and bearings will ensure that the movement of your axis is always guided. Nonetheless, we provide spares and extras.

Easily navigate through the page to find the elements that guarantee calculated movement and precision of the mechanical features of a machine. Whether you are repairing your CNC machine or decided that your DIY 3D printer kit requires some new changes for those latest 3D ideas, we have the components available. All of the electronics in this collection are unique with their own set of advantages. If you are debating which electronics will suit you best, have a look at the 3D electronics comparison page. For more specific information, discover our electronic subcategories above.

Do you have questions about 3D printer electronics? Do let us know via our customer service.

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